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Thomas Search Group understands that the client has an objective of minimizing the amount of time, difficulty and cost associated with the recruiting process. In order to meet this objective, we offer the client a choice of either a Retained, Performance-based, or Contingency search approach.

Retained Searches

A Retained Search is an agreement in which the client will contract exclusively the services of Thomas Search Group to conduct a single or multiple position search. Within this agreement, the client will retain our services. Once retained, there is a much higher level of committment from us. Typically, a Retained search takes priority over existing Contingency searches, and is worked until complete. A high level candidate will show much more cooperation and enthusiasm when the search is Retained.

The "retainer" usually consists of one-third of the estimated total placement fee(s) upfront, 1/3 after 30 days, and balance due upon candidate acceptance. In turn, Thomas Search Group will provide the client the full array of its recruiting services, to include assessing your needs with a customized search strategy, sourcing and developing candidate pools, reference checks, progress reports, in-person interviewing, consulting on compensation issues, and advertising.

Performance-based Searches

A Performance-based Search is an agreement in which the client will contract the services of Thomas Search Group to conduct a single or multiple position search. This is a blend of the Retained Search and Contingency Search, whereas a small fee is paid upfront to us, as a good faith effort that the client is serious about utilizing our services. The balance of the fee is paid on a "performance" basis. In other words, a non-refundable fee is paid upfront (which enables us to immediately apply resources to the search), and the balance is paid only when we perform, and the placement is made.

The "upfront fee" usually consists of an agreed upon flat fee (typically $10,000, but may vary with each search). The balance is due upon candidate acceptance.

Contingency Searches

A Contingency Search is a conditional agreement between Thomas Search Group and its client(s). The client will provide Thomas Search Group information pertaining to its open position(s) including particulars such as position levels, titles, compensation figures and geographic parameters. We, in turn, will provide the client with our recruiting services.

A fee will be paid to Thomas Search Group only when the client hires a candidate presented by us.

It is, of course, in our best interest to satisfy the hiring needs of every client, and it is our intention to do so.

If you are interested in our retained services, we will
present a proposal specific to your search.

Thomas Search Group is an equal opportunity employer and enforces the premise that there will be no discrimination with regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, physical or mental disability, or veteran status.

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